June 22nd 2010: Split screen is da way forward with all this sport on the box…
June 21st 2010: Gym session underway!! Anyone got any ‘stay in shape without running’ sessions for me?!
June 20th 2010: Happy fathers day 2 all the ‘stay around fathers’! A “morning daddy” and a smile is all the presents I need from my little men!
June 18th 2010: A nerve racking 90 mins but were still in it I am sure the boys will come through against Slovenia…support the lads to the end.
June 17th 2010: I would love to go back to south Africa now to cheer on England but unfortunately the medical staff have said i need total rest for 2 weeks
June 17th 2010 (What’s the best thing about being a United player?): U get to run out in front of 70/80 thousand people each week. Unreal feelin! Each time becoming etched further into da history of the club!
June 17th 2010 (Who is the best trainer at United? I reckon Scholesy): Spot on! Legend!
June 17th 2010 (What’s your happiest football moment?): Makin my debut for West Ham, liftin the prem league and champ league trophies for Utd and representing my country – in no order!
June 17th 2010 (What’s your fave tune to listen to before a match?): Forever by Drake – ‘I wanna play at this level forever’ is the way I use the chorus of dat track. And that inspires me!
June 16th 2010: Kids in bed still sitting out in the garden under the blue skies with a juice n leg up!
June 15th 2010: Hello world…….it took me a while to get on it but here it is, my 1st ever tweet – let da fun commence!

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