Some Manchester City fans are still intent on pushing the “Manchester is blue” myth to anyone who will listen, despite compelling evidence to the contrary. United have had higher attendances than City every single season since the 1940s, regardless of which club was the most successful at the times. Even now, with City so-called title challengers, the club could only shift 25,000 tickets at £15 for last week’s game against Birmingham.

Now that they are in the Champions League, we are presented with the rare occurrence of playing at the same time. Surely all the pubs in Manchester, which is inundated with City fans, will show their game against European giants Bayern Munich? After all, United are playing European minnows and all our supporters come from outside the city. Right?

Apparently not. City fans are struggling to find a pub where their game is on, with some pubs even laughing at the suggestion that a Manchester pub would show the blues over the reds.

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Manchester is red.