AC Milan must be kicking themselves for not offloading their star player to Manchester City for over £100m five months ago, with Kaka now looking as though he’s interested in a move away from his ‘beloved team’ after all. Real Madrid offered a massive £56m for him yesterday, whilst Chelsea have launched a ridiculous £73.5m bid. It’s all getting a bit desperate, isn’t it? Two has-been teams throwing all the money in the World at a man who just yesterday said wanted to stay at Milan!

So, what’s it to be Kaka? You going to ‘do a Barry’ or are you going to keep your integrity?

Real Madrid – Pros
– They will probably leave Ronaldo alone if they secure a deal for Kaka.
– They are no threat to us domestically, so any impact he might make can only be felt by us in the CL.

Real Madrid – Cons
– Kaka has the potential to make them a much better team which is bad because I hate them and because any shared transfer targets would have a bigger incentive to join them.

Chelsea – Pros
– All the pressure would be on them next season, taking some of the attention away from us.
– He could flop massively and they would look ridiculous which would be funny.
– Real Madrid would miss out on another big player, thus making them look like dicks, which would be funny.

Chelsea – Cons
– He might be brilliant and that poses a threat to our 19th title.
– If he significantly improves Chelsea, then we will be forced to spend big in the transfer market, something we probably should be avoiding.

People talk about buying success, but this takes it to another level. But whether it’s Real or Chelsea he agrees terms with, personally, I’m eagerly awaiting a bid from the MASSIVE club down the road. Go on bluenoses, make this really entertaining for the neutrals!