The press are having a field day. After the huge fuss that has been kicked up over the potential for Manchester City fans to ruin the minute’s silence for the Busby Babes, which was then greeted by complete silence from the bitters, the press needed something to get their hooks in to.

So, when the scarves that United handed out at the match yesterday popped up on eBay, the press got their wish. Disgraceful City fans? That one didn’t work out, so now let’s slate the United fans. eBay has several of the mementos from the game up for grabs, all of them reaching well in to the £1000s. Reports suggest the top selling package is going for as much as £15,000.

Where did they come from? Day trippers who were at Old Trafford for the occasion rather than any feeling for the club?  Die hard United fans who couldn’t care less about a scarf made in China and in need of a few bob? City fans who’d got their hands on an unused season ticket from someone they knew?

I’ll be keeping my my scarf and replica programme forever, no doubt, as the memories of the game don’t do anything to  help me remember the Babes’ honour. We could always all do with an extra few bob, but I’m a soft and sentimental old sod, and I fancy clinging on to the  freebies.  Some people aren’t as sentimental, is that so terrible? Or is making money from anything associated with Munich entirely unacceptable?

What do you think of the people who sold their stuff on eBay?