Who is he? Luís Fabiano
What do we know? He’s 29, he’s a striker for Sevilla, he’s scored an average of 24 goals a season over the past 3 years in all competitions, won the Copa del Rey and finished 4th in the league last season and was the 8th highest scorer in Spain.
What has he said? A month before the World Cup: “If you are asking me what team I most admire, I would say Manchester United. If you play under Sir Alex Ferguson then you are probably going to win a title or another major trophy.” This weekend: “I have made it clear I will not be signing a new contract with Sevilla and at 29 I now need to join a club where I can start challenging for the highest honours from the first season. The choice will come down to Manchester United and Milan. That is the sort of team I want to be signing for, one of the true giants of Europe. I think the way Manchester United play football is very attractive. I must be honest and say Premier League football attracts me and also the way Manchester United play football attracts me. You think about being Wayne Rooney’s strike partner and that is very attractive for any striker. Their coach is a winner, their players are winners and they are one of the few teams in Europe challenging for the top honours season after season. As soon as the World Cup is over I will make a quick decision on my future. I have enjoyed my time at Sevilla but I now need to be at a giant.”
What has he done at the World Cup? Scored twice against Ivory Coast in Brazil’s 3-1 win as well as scoring against Chile in the next round.

Who is he? Alexis Sanchez
What do we know? He’s a 21-year-old who can play on the wing or just behind the main striker, in Chile they call him “El Nino Maravilla” (the Wonder Boy), he’s been tipped to do well for some time, and United apparently had a bid turned down from Udinese two years ago.
What has he said? This weekend a Chile team mate revealed: “All Alexis wants is to play for Manchester United. He’d give anything for that.”
What has he done at the World Cup? Man of the Match for Chile in all three group stage games, with an average FIFA official rating of 8.5.
Youtube? The perfect player. Apparently.

Who is he? Jefferson Montero
What do we know? 20-year-old winger who plays for Villarreal, he won a gold medal at the Pan American Games for Ecuador U-20s and scored in the final, last year he claimed he had signed for Real Madrid but the deal fell through.
What has he said? Yesterday: “I hope to play in the same team as him. Me on one side and him on the other – it would be amazing. It is what most people ask me – they want Antonio on the right and me on the left for Manchester United. Antonio deserves everything he gets as he’s done very well. He started from not very much – like me. I would love to follow in his footsteps and play for Manchester United, if that opportunity arises.”
What has he done at the World Cup? Nothing. Ecuador finished 1 point behind Uruguay, who scored a 93rd minute penalty against them to qualify in Ecuador’s place. He did score against Peru in Ecuador’s 2-1 victory during qualification though.
Youtube? Jefferson vs Messi. Seriously.