Manchester United’s end of the season awards take place on Thursday evening to recognise the contribution of players in the first team, the youth teams and the women’s team.

There haven’t been many/any stand out players for United this season but Victor Lindelof and Luke Shaw have proven popular with their teammates this season.

Paul Pogba – Luke Shaw, Victor Lindelof and Marcus Rashford

I think Luke Shaw has been great. He got the opportunity to play and the manager has given him a lot of confidence. Victor Lindelof, as well, has played great and shown his qualities and Marcus Rashford’s performances have been great as well, so I would say those three.

Ander Herrera – Victor Lindelof

I voted for Victor Lindelof. In a season where all of us had ups and downs, I think Victor has been the most consistent player. I think he deserves it and I think he can become one of the best defenders in the world and can be an important player for Manchester United in the next few years. So he deserves it.

Juan Mata – Victor Lindelof, Luke Shaw and Paul Pogba

I’m not going to tell you who I voted for but I will tell you about the players that, from my point of view, can win it. I think Victor Lindelof has had very good spells during the season. He’s shown he’s a mature player, he has confidence on the ball and he can defend well and he’s a great guy. I’d be happy for him if he wins it. Luke Shaw, as well, has had some good months during the season and I’m really happy for him after the injury he had. It’s not easy to come back and perform at that level, so Luke is another option [to win it]. Paul Pogba has been playing very well for some months, especially after Ole took over, so he’s another name that could win. Let’s see what happens but I think we would swap winning the Player of the Year award for us all to win the Premier League. Whoever wins it, I’ll be very happy for them.

Nemanja Matic – David de Gea

It’s difficult to say because the season wasn’t great for us. I think David De Gea has again had some great games and great saves during the season and, if I had to choose one, it’s him. Every keeper can make mistakes during the season and the problem is people always remember the last game when that happened. We cannot forget how many points he has saved us this season. He’s an amazing goalkeeper, top class, one of the best in the world.

Victor Lindelof – Luke Shaw

It’s a difficult question. If you look right from the start of the season to now, then Luke Shaw has been performing well throughout the season. Then there are other players, such as Paul Pogba, for example, who has played well and scored goals, and also Marcus Rashford has performed very well. If I had to pick one, I think I’d go for Luke because he’s been great for the whole season.