Richard Arnold has been Manchester United’s Commercial Director for five years and is responsible for the commercial operations at the club, including media relationships, merchandising, sponsorship, marketing and sales.

With United drawing in ridiculous sums of money in this time it is clear that Arnold is good at his job. Out of interest, did you know we had an official savoury snack partner? “With a history of success and not compromising on quality, Mister Potato shares Manchester United’s commitment to excellence.” Seriously. We also have an official office equipment partner, an official responsible drinking partner and an official automotive partner, amongst others.

May 29th 2012: “This year, we finished our season in first place and City finished winning on goal difference.”

June 6th 2012: “We are reliant on 25 players and they are all massive stars. We have 25 George Clooneys.”

I have a suggestion. Let Arnold deal with bringing in the money and let someone else deal with talking to the press, k?