Everyone who’s ever seen a Manchester United ‘golden moments’ showreel from the 1990s will know all about David Beckham’s astonishing strike from the halfway line against Wimbledon in ’96, summed up in Eric Cantona’s immortal words: ‘Good goal, David.’

Well, a similar goal has been scored once before in United’s history. Against Bayern Munich.

On the eve of the Champions League Quarter Finals against Bayern it’s a good moment to recall that illustrious ‘Beckham-esque’ fore-runner, from over 50 years ago.

With rather too much glee for my liking it’s repeatedly claimed that United don’t have a great record against Bayern Munich. Apart from beating them in the Champions League Final in 1999, that is. Actually the record so far in the Champions League isn’t that bad, with one win, four draws and only two defeats, but here I want to go back a little further and cheer us all up with a reminder that history isn’t entirely against us.

Munich – Remembering the Ties of Friendship

Of course the word Munich is indelibly inscribed in the hearts of all true United supporters, in more than one way. It’s right that we never forget the tragic Air Crash at Munich airport on 6 February 1958, which killed 23 people, including eight United players. But out of that tragedy a relationship of enduring friendship was forged with the city and with Bayern, which is worth celebrating again now, before the tackles go flying in…

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