Gary Neville sticks his finger up at Carlos TevezTevez vs Neville.

The sequence of events…

1. Neville respectfully gives his opinion on Tevez, claiming that he is a good player, but if the manager believes the financial demands are too much, then he will support him, given his excellent track record over the two and a bit decades.

“The manager over the years has made many decisions with regard to players coming and going – and he has almost always been proved correct,” said Neville. “Over a period of 20 years he may have got one or two wrong, and I think he has admitted that himself, but he knows exactly what he’s doing and he understands when a player’s time is up. I can’t disagree with his decision on Tevez. He was a good player for us but, if the financial demands are too big, then that’s just the way it goes. Other good players have left this club in the past, it’s not the first time it’s happened. We have the best manager in the world at putting teams together. He’s done it successfully for 20 years. There have not been many people who have questioned him over the years and been proved right.”

2. Carlos Tevez scores a penalty, celebrates heartily (after claiming he had too much respect for United and United fans to celebrate if he scored) then makes a gesture to Gary Neville to suggest he should up.

3. Gary Neville sticks his finger up at Carlos Tevez.

4. Carlos Tevez scores a tap-in, runs over to the dugout in front of Sir Alex Ferguson, the bench (including Gary Neville) and the directors, and cups his ears, in the same fashion to when he was a United player, had just scored against City, and was desperate for a new contract.

5. Carlos Tevez complains that it was Gary Neville’s lack of respect which forced him to behave in the manner he did after scoring.

“Gary was very disrespectful, which is out of character, but he didn’t know the whole story of why I left Manchester United and I believe I deserved his respect,” Tevez said. “For the second goal I ran to the touchline and cupped my ears and looked up to the part of the ground where the United directors were sitting, and also to Ferguson in the dugout, because I wanted them to know this was my response to them saying I was not worth the money. I wanted to do my talking on the pitch because that was the best way of responding to all these people, such as Neville, who were saying United were right to let me go.”

Essentially, Tevez is trying to defend his behaviour but his reasons for going against his word don’t make a lot of sense. Neville is entitled to support his manager’s decision without Tevez taking it so personally. Had Neville said Tevez was shit last season and he was glad he had gone, that would be disrespectful. Don’t forget, Tevez scored one goal for every SIX hours he spent on the field last season! As it is, Tevez comes across as someone who has well and truly spat their dummy out. The fact that it’s over nothing just adds to the stupidity of it all. Why does he give a fuck what Gary Neville says anyway?

Oh yeh, that’s right, because he can’t get United out of his system.

It makes you wonder what someone does to earn respect. Is it claim you want to spend the rest of your career at a club then leave for their local rivals? Is it to claim you won’t join bitter rivals Liverpool out of respect to the fans but then join bitter rivals City instead? Is it to claim you are making that move for any reason other than money? Is it to score goals against your former team then stand in front of the most successful manager in history with your ears cupped like a twat? Someone should let the Argie midget know respect is earned, and he lost all of ours a long time ago.

Whatever the press or FA want to say about it, I fully support the captain on this one. Tevez has behaved like a cock ever since he left us and it’s nice to see that Neville’s opinion of him upset him so much.