Jose Mourinho, the man who would like to think he is the master of mind games, attempted to rile Sir Alex Ferguson yesterday. With the gap at the top being cut down to three points after our defeat to Portsmouth, Mourinho has said we’re lucky not to play them at the Bridge next weekend. “United are very lucky they don’t have to play here next week. Can you imagine them here next weekend? That’s the game where they will slip up, against us, so they’re very lucky.”

Now of course, Jose would like us to think he’s more intelligent than he actually is, and would like to think such words are going to unsettle a man who was playing mind games before Jose Mourinho was even failing at carving out a playing career for himself. Fact remains, Chelsea are lucky not to be facing Manchester United at the weekend, and Jose knows this all too well.

In the past week, we have seen Chelsea scrape an injury time victory against Watford, who have managed just three wins all season. We have seen Chelsea draw at home to the 5th best team in Spain. And then yesterday, we saw Chelsea at home scrape another 1-0 victory against Spurs, who had been playing an away fixture in Europe just 36 hours before.

Does Jose honestly wish that Chelsea were playing United this weekend? Whilst we have a home game in the Champions League on Tuesday, Chelsea will be travelling to Spain. After conceding an away goal, the pressure is really on Jose’s men for their midweek fixture. Who are the lucky ones in this situation? I’d much rather play Chelsea this weekend upon their return from Spain, following their stint of four games in eleven days.

Jose’s comments are too transparent, and if he really wants to wind Fergie up, and attempt to win the league off the pitch, he’s going to have to do a lot better than this!