Failsworth Devil, a regular poster on here, wants to open to your eyes to young teen Ravel Morrison, a great prospect in our ranks.

I was messing about on YouTube last night when I came across this kid which we have on the Academy U-16s named Ravel Morrison.

After watching this video a couple of times, I couldn’t help wondering just what type of player he could develop into, because if you look at some of the English kids that have developed over the years, who have been labelled “The Next Big Thing”, then amounted in to nothing, it makes you dubious of getting too excited.

I didn’t want to big this kid up too much, but I am going have to, as he looks awesome. He has electric pace, and I mean pace to rival that of CR7, Theo Walmart, and Aaron Lennon.

He has the skill which is way beyond a 16-year-old and has an aggressive attacking style which again is beyond his years. He doesn’t stutter in front of goal, he just goes for the kill, he doesn’t think about what he is going to do, he just does it.

Morrison recently scored in our 3-1 win over Liverpool, enjoying a great performance against our bitter rivals.

Apparently, he is already one of the first names on the England U-16 set up and I believe he could be another off the conveyor belt to make his début in the next 2 seasons.

I don’t like to big these kids up too much, as the pressure on them must be bloody intense, but I just cannot help thinking that maybe this kid does have all the attributes to be a “World Star”. I just hope he can make it on the big stage, and if he can, then we have one hell of a prospect on our books.