If an English team was in the final tonight I’d be cheering on whoever they were playing. I’d go as far as saying I’d rather Real Madrid won the European Cup than any English club!

But which players will and won’t be cheering on us tonight?

Cheering on United

Ruud van Nistelrooy
“They are my old team-mates and I am going to support them tonight. But if Barca play the football they have been playing this year, defeating them will be difficult.”

Steven Gerrard
“I hope it’s a very good game from a neutral point of view. I’ll be watching the game and hope there is a lot of entertainment. It’s obviously a difficult question. But I’ve got a lot of good friends who play for Manchester United so I hope they win, although obviously I’m sitting on the fence.”

“They both have great chances to win. They have had great seasons, but I favour Manchester United.”

Cheering on Barca

Pepe Reina
“I don’t want to see our greatest rivals winning another title. I hope Barcelona win because they are a Spanish team and because I do not want our great rivals winning titles.”

“It’s difficult to make a prediction, however, a number of Brazilians play for Barcelona. It’s difficult to say who will win though.”

Phil Thompson
“I would dearly love to see an exhibition of attacking football from these two sides – and you might as well toss a coin to try and predict who will win it. I’ve gone for Barcelona to win the Champions League for some time now and I’m not going to jump ship now. My tip is that it will go to penalties after a 2-2 draw – and this year Manchester United will suffer the heartache of defeat.”

Not watching

John Terry
“I won’t watch the game. I’ll probably flick on to see the score at halftime and full time but that’s it, otherwise I’ll just get angry.”

Didier Drogba
“No I won’t be watching I think I’ll take my kids out.”