It’s quite an incredible position to be in. English and European Champions, yet already being written off for the following season. What has happened? The fact we’ve ‘needed’ a new striker for the past two years, whilst we’ve been collecting the trophies, has been forgotten. Now, if we don’t sign a striker we’re screwed, apparently.

Today, United hero, Roy Keane, has joined in the criticism of United, believing Chelsea with a new manager and no African Cup of Nation will be too much for his former club.

“This year for me it’s Chelsea,” said Keane. “I always felt that United would do it last year, but I fancy Chelsea this time. There’s no African Nations Cup, they’ve got a new manager, they’ve bought one or two new players and for all the ups and downs last year at the club, they still nearly nicked it. If United get a top, top striker they’ve got a chance, but my gut feeling this year would be Chelsea.”