After learning that City had put in a bid for Berbatov on transfer deadline day, I started wondering how the fuck we’d got ourselves in this mess. I had wanted us to sign Berbatov, I wasn’t desperate for it, but upon hearing that City could pinch him from under us, my feelings changed. There’s no way we could have faced those bitters landing our number one transfer target.

In hindsight, it was an immensely exciting day, but at the time, it was painful. Whilst still full of hope, there was this worry in the back of my mind that we were going to end up looking like mugs. Here we were, holding back from bidding the big money, thinking Tottenham Hotspur would have to back down in the end and sell the player for the price we wanted to pay, with Ferguson picking Berbatov up from the airport and Daniel Levy claiming he didn’t have permission to speak to the player. It was horrendous.

I thought this would have been a lesson we learnt from, but apparently, we haven’t.

Why the fuck haven’t we signed up Tevez? The club claim everything is on schedule, that they always claimed it would be settled by Christmas, but why are we playing that game? What is happening that means we have to wait until December to wrap it up?

There’s certainly no doubt that we want to keep him with the club. He’s a brilliant player who is more than happy to work hard for the team. He wants to sign for us, we want to sign him, so what’s stopping us?

Reports have emerged highlighting Tevez as a transfer target for Real Madrid, which surely will be a tempting offer for the player, particularly if he continues to be play second fiddle following the signing of Berbatov.

I just can’t understand why the club keep playing this game. Gill, sort it!