At the end of last season our team got to take home a winner’s medal for arguably the best league in the World as well as the European Cup.

They were denied the chance of winning the FA Cup after the referee failed to spot Cristiano Ronaldo get shoulder barged off the ball in the area within the opening minutes.

In 2004, they were knocked out of the European Cup after the linesman wrongly ruled out the crucial goal, despite three men playing the scorer onside.

At this club, our players know all about winning and losing competitions.

Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Gary Neville and Wes Brown all know what it feels like to win three competitions in one season, whilst the rest of our squad know all about winning the League and European Cup Double.

So, I find it rather strange that Petr Cech, who has never won the European Cup and has secured a League plus Cup double on just one occasion in his career, feels he is any position to try and explain about winning and losing competitions to Manchester United. Apparently, he knows all about what it takes to win the quintuple!

“It’s hard when you want to win every competition,” he said. “We know because we have gone close before. You can have a bad day and sometimes it’s not even that, it’s just bad luck. Sometimes you hit the woodwork three times and then concede at the other end and you’re out of a competition. It is always tough. You need to have everything going for you, the momentum and luck to achieve it. It’s hard.”