With the end of the transfer window getting closer, Manchester United can only hope to make their fourth and final signing. It is rumoured that it could be Gareth Bale who makes that final bid. For a decade now, United have tried to sign the Real Madrid forward with no luck.

With the Premier League starting last weekend, Jose Mourinho has to make a great signing if he wants his club to win the championship this season, following Manchester City outspending their rivals for a third season running. Mourinho is unsure whether he could prise him away from Real Madrid but there are still several reasons why it’s a possibility.

They need a power forward
With Wayne Rooney and Zlatan Ibrahimovic out of the picture, it is the time to bring in someone like Bale to the squad. He is one of the fastest wingers in the world. Apart from that, he understands the style of play that United has. Mourinho has coached the Real Madrid star when he was a manager at their club.

Real Madrid could be open to selling him
Real Madrid has many choices when it comes to star forwards, with Cristiano Ronaldo and Marco Asensio stealing the show for the Spanish club. However, they do not want to sell him lower than what they bought him, having formed out £85m for him. Bale has had problems at his current club, largely thanks to injuries, and rumours come out every year that he is not happy. He could be the star of the show at United, something he’s struggle to ever achieve at Real Madrid, and take the Premier League by storm. You could get all the latest football odds to take advantage of the matches lined up for this year’s EPL season.

United can afford him
United is one of the richest football clubs in the world. They can afford to spend whatever Madrid quote but they won’t be prepared to spend beyond their budget. With Mourinho looking to secure the EPL title this season, he has to make short term and long-term decisions, which sets the club at the top position. Although Real Madrid wants to make the most out of their star forward in terms of proceeds, they will have to consider the fact Bale is 28 now and they can’t demand a top price for him.

It is the right time
At that age, he is at his peak and in a few years he will be past his best. The time is right for him to move to United if he wants to realise the dream of playing at the top in the Premier League. Tottenham Hotspur weren’t ready to compete at the highest level then, despite their title challenges over the past two seasons, and wouldn’t be able to afford to bring him back. It’s now or never.