Around this time last season, Sir Alex Ferguson confirmed that we would be making Carlos Tevez’s loan deal permanent, and that we would get him on the cheap.

Tevez said the club was treating him well, meaning he was happy to stay for the next few years before returning to his beloved Boca Juniors. However, following the great success of his first season, Tevez has changed his tune, claiming he plans to stay here forever. Yet still no deal has materialised.

In July, there were reports claiming that United had signed Tevez for a new British transfer record of £32 million. But it appears that despite all the talking from David Gill and Ferguson, Tevez still doesn’t have any guarantee of a future with the club.

“We have spoken to Carlos and see him as part of our long-term squad,” Gill said during the summer. “But it’s not a problem. We can do it in September, October, November or December. Sir Alex Ferguson has explained it to him and he is very comfortable with it.”

However, this relaxed attitude is not something I think we can afford. We went down to the wire in securing the Dimitar Berbatov deal and I don’t see why we should take that kind of risk again. If we want to keep the player, and the player wants to stay, why do we have to wait until November or December to resolve it?

We have to remember that things aren’t the same as they were in the summer, as now Tevez has to fight off Berbatov for a first team place. He didn’t get a minute against Chelsea and was a second half substitute in our weekend’s victory over Blackburn. It wouldn’t be hard for another team to turn his head, pointing out our lack of commitment in not offering him a contract, and letting him know how much first team football he could be getting with another club.

For now though, Tevez seems eager to get a deal signed, which is something the club urgently need to act upon.

“Ever since I came here I have wanted to sign a permanent contract,” Tevez said. “I had a very happy first season and I would be very happy if the chairman would put a permanent contract in front of me. I would sign it without a doubt.”

So, what are we waiting for?