Kenny Dalglish has been on one this season, demanding meetings with the Head of Referees every time he doesn’t get a decision, hilariously claiming Luis Suarez doesn’t dive and he’s now complaining about Liverpool’s fixtures.

“When we ask the Football League to move our game to a later date, we’re told it’s impossible. Where’s the logic in that?” he said. “If the Football League want to devalue their own competition, that’s up to them, but they shouldn’t then be upset if people use these games to help in the development of young players. It is disgraceful in this day and age that players are being asked to play a key Premier League game and then a League Cup quarter-final in London just 48 hours later. It seems totally irresponsible as well that the quarter-finals are scheduled in the same week as Europa League games. It’s surely the duty of the football authorities to think of other solutions which consider the welfare of the players and this clearly hasn’t happened.”

Sunday November 20th at 4pm – Chelsea
Sunday November 27th at 4pm – City
Tuesday November 29th at 7.45pm – Chelsea
Monday December 5th at 8pm – Fulham

Liverpool have to play 4 games over 16 days.

Wednesday September 14th at 7.45pm – Benfica
Sunday September 18th at 4pm – Chelsea
Tuesday September 20th at 7.45pm – Leeds
Saturday September 24th at 5.30pm – Stoke

United had to play 4 games over 10 days.

Tuesday October 18th at 7.45pm – Otelul Galati
Sunday October 23rd at 1.30pm – City
Tuesday October 25th at 7.45pm – Aldershot Town
Saturday October 29th at 12.00pm – Everton

United had to play 4 games over 11 days.