Wayne Rooney employed law firm Schillings in an attempt to prevent John Sweeney‘s book, Rooney’s Gold, being published.

Sweeney, who recently presented the Panorama documentary on the Glazers, has delved in to Rooney’s past, looking at his life in Croxteth, his encounters with prostitutes, the agent controversy and his marriage to Coleen.

The book was originally set to be published by Century in 2007, under the title “Roo Unzipped”, although they dropped it, deeming it “unsuitable for publication”.

Biteback have since opted to publish the book, despite the fact big sellers Waterstones asked for indemnity in the case of Rooney suing, whilst WHSmiths chose not to sell the book at all.

So, why on earth has the book been put on sale in the Manchester United superstore?