In the next few hours, we will see the result of several weeks of speculation concerning the behaviour of City fans during the one minute’s silence which is being held at Old Trafford today.

The gates are closing five minutes before kick off today, to ensure that the minute’s silence has every chance of working. City representatives have been begging their fans for some time now to show respect and avoid bringing shame to the club.

For the most part, City fans will be extremely respectful and will be hoping their minority doesn’t show the club up. However, it is expected that the minority will do their best to spoil the day.

Sir Alex Ferguson has today questioned the decision to allow Manchester City to be our opponents on such a special weekend.

“When I saw what the fixture was at this time at the beginning of the season I said “who the hell chose that?”,” said Ferguson in today’s press. “It puts pressure on the clubs. We could easily have had Middlesbrough at home or something like that. There was no opportunity given to change it. I hope it’s a good game, the crowd have a part to play in that. City as a football club have done their very best. Hopefully it will go off well and we can get on with the game of football.”

Should the FA have changed this fixture?