Wigan chairman Dave Whelan, who once had the opportunity to buy Manchester United for £1 million but backed out for fear people in this country wouldn’t shop at JJB anymore, has sung the praises of his manager today. He reckons former Manchester United captain, Steve Bruce, is capable of managing a club in the top four.

After some less remarkable years as a football coach, Bruce has done a fantastic job with Wigan, with his side sitting comfortably in 7th, three places ahead of his former team mate with a considerably larger chequebook at City.

However, Whelan reckons there’s only one place Bruce wants to go when he leaves Wigan.

“There’s no chance of Steve going to Newcastle while Ashley is involved, if you ask him he will say the same,” said Whelan. “There’s no doubt he’ll leave us but it will be to join one of the big four. There’s only one job that Steve is really, really interested in and that’s not too far away from the JJB Stadium. When Sir Alex Ferguson decides he’s had enough at Old Trafford then I fear that Manchester United will come in for Steve.”