There have been several rumors and controversies following Cristiano Ronaldo since his transfer to Manchester United. The most important question now is whether the player would return to the club for the following season.

Cristiano Ronaldo and His Journey to United

The 37-year-old player transferred from Juventus last summer to United in the hope that he was going to launch them into success and victory. It has been said by some fans that the team might be better off without the player in the coming season and there was a need to reshuffle players by getting rid of some.  Although in his return to the club he has managed to redeem the team in critical situations by winning some matches with great goals, the club has also suffered some setbacks from other players. All these have made Manchester United Club slide lower on the scale and have caused the club to suffer.  

According to research, Ronaldo has scored a total of about 18 important goals during the last season, including in the champion’s league, but only four times this year. This has resulted in speculation about whether the player will remain at the club and concerns about his future in football. According to an ex-legendary player, Wayne Rooney, who stated that signing Ronaldo to his old club wasn’t working out as expected and if the club were to move forward, they had to look at the younger players who were going to do their best to move the club forward over the coming years. He expressed that the 37-year-old was getting on in his old age and wasn’t as good as he was when he was in his 20s, which affected the progress of the rest of the team and the game at large, and on that note, that they needed younger and hungry players to tide the club over and lead them into victory in the coming season.  

Also, following the team’s recent struggles, backslide and plummet from the Premier League top 4, there is a chance that they might not compete in next season’s Champions League. All this, coupled with his dressing room issues with a fellow player, the recent incident with the teenage fan following their loss to Everton, and the encouragement of the team’s chiefs to send the Portuguese player off, has led to all these speculations.

Will Ronaldo Remain?  

The player’s signing deal with the club is meant to run out by next June, although there is the possibility of continuing the agreement with him till 2024. Also, with the player’s struggle, which fans have likened to the failure of the team this season, there’s a possibility the player might leave. If you are thinking of sending your child to summer football camps, the Manchester United camp for kids is a good idea.  Despite these claims, the striker is willing to complete his remaining contract with Manchester United, and there’s a belief that, together with the help of the new manager, there might be an odds of a likely turnover for the team, and they might be able to compete in the upcoming season.