Eden Hazard is a name that has filled football forums over the past few weeks as he’s repeatedly teased the fans of Premier League clubs with speculation over which club he would join.

Whilst City plan to make no amendments to their current financial structure, with the wage bill currently exceeding their turnover, and Chelsea continue to have the highest wage bill in the league, it was safe to assume that Hazard would not be coming to United.

However, in his most recent statement, he claimed his decision would be based entirely on where he would be played and how much he would play.

“I do not know when I’ll make a decision about my future club,” he said in HLN. “It will be Manchester City, Manchester United or Chelsea. My decision will depend on my position and how much playing time I will get. Not everyone can say that they have a choice between three top clubs.”

If this is true, he is more or less ruling himself out of a move to City, given he certainly wouldn’t be guaranteed playing time there.

However, chances are he will be unveiled as a City player over the next few weeks and, like all the others, insist it has nothing to do with money.