Every now and again you’ll see some prat wearing an LA Galaxy shirt with ‘Beckham 23’ on the back and I just wonder what on earth they were thinking about when they bought it.

Chances are, they hadn’t even heard of LA Galaxy before David Beckham signed for them so why on earth would you want to pay £40 for a shirt of a team you probably never have and probably never will watch play.

But then Eric Cantona goes and gets the ‘Director of Soccer’ job at New York Cosmos and I’m left a horrible position. This shirt, green and gold, is what Cantona’s team will be wearing. I don’t need to go in to how much Cantona means to me, because it’s exactly the same for you, so having anything related to him certainly becomes a temptation. Could I?

The answer is no, I’m not actually going to go out and buy a New York Cosmos shirt. Even if I couldn’t resist the temptation, there’s no way I’d actually walk around anywhere (apart from maybe abroad where nobody knew me!) in that shirt, particularly after all the grief (in my head) I’ve given people wearing LA Galaxy, Barcelona, Real Madrid etc. shirts in Manchester.

Ooh ahh Cantona.