Wayne Rooney recently joined an elite group of players who have scored one hundred goals for Manchester United. He has since claimed that he wants to stay at the club forever, which has sparked comments from Gary Neville, who reckons Rooney could one day become our all time top scorer.

Rooney is currently on 102 club goals which is still some way behind Sir Bobby Charlton’s record of 249. Rooney’s strike rate is better than Charlton’s though, so if Rooney can stay fit and continue to thrive in his natural central position, who knows what he could achieve?

“There is a long time to go before he gets there but Wayne does have an opportunity to beat Bobby Charlton’s scoring record,” said Neville. “He will have to play a lot more games and stay clear of injury because that record has stood for many years and will be very difficult to break. But a player of his ability should score goals. He plays centre-forward for Manchester United. That points you in the right direction.”