Just like in 2009, Manchester United have won the title with a game to go, meaning there is the opportunity to rest players before the Champions League final.

On the final day two years ago we played Hull who were in a relegation fight. De Laet, Gibson, Martin, Welbeck and Macheda were amongst the starting line-up but still managed to win 1-0.

The FA have charged both Wolves and Blackpool after playing a weakened team in the league and United should expect the same, particularly if they lose to Blackpool on the final day of the season. If the FA are charging Ferguson for praising a referee, particularly on the same day Carlo Ancelotti did exactly the same but escaped punishment, it’s wishful thinking to expect we’d get away with making changing to our team.

However, it is possible we will play a team very much like the one we fielded in the European Cup semi-final 2nd leg against Schalke. I imagine our lawyers could make a strong enough case for that team being good enough to face Premier League relegation candidates.

Whether we’ll be punished or not, it is clear that the manager is intending to rest players.

“This gives us a real opportunity to look at how we can rest players and who needs to keep going,” said Ferguson. “But we have a responsibility to make sure we are fair to all clubs who are struggling against relegation. Manchester United will try to win next Sunday, there is no doubt about that.”

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