When John Terry rugby tackled Jo, the referee sent him off for serious foul play. It didn’t matter than Terry wasn’t the last man, the fact was rugby tackles weren’t a part of the game and Jo was denied a chance at a goalscoring opportunity.

Today, Nemanja Vidic rugby tackled Steven Gerrard. Rio Ferdinand was the last man but rugby tackles aren’t allowed in football and Gerrard was denied a goalscoring opportunity.

Both offences were red cards. Whilst you could argue that Rio Ferdinand should have stopped Vidic from being sent off, given his positioning, I would expect one of our opponents to be sent off for doing the same thing. I have no complaints. 

However, England captain Terry had his card rescinded, meaning not even a yellow card was awarded for him dragging down Jo, whilst making no attempt to win the ball. Will Vidic?

I won’t hold my breath.