Cristiano Ronaldo’s recovery has taken a lot less time than we’d initially imagined, with the winger set to return on Wednesday for our Champions League match against Villarreal.

This would suggest he is available to play in the weekend match against Chelsea, meaning he will have only missed three league games through injury.

Wednesday will be the first time he is reunited with the fans following his European Cup final goal, as well as a summer rife with speculation of his departure.

So, does Ronaldo recognise that he’s going to have to win us over? That he’s going to have to work extra hard to get us on side again? Apparently not.

“When I put on the shirt, I give it my all,” said Ronaldo. “I’m already in the history of the club. When I play the fans will love me again.”

Of course, there will be fans singing his name from the moment he walks out on the pitch tomorrow, but there is also the potential for boos. That potential has slimmed considerably with the delay Ronaldo’s injury has brought to his return.

For me, I won’t boo him, but he’ll never have the same connection with us again. I can’t imagine how I can sing his name anymore, following an entire year of singing for him every week, only for him to decide it was time to leave us.

Regardless of what Ferguson thinks, Ronaldo will be off at the end of the season, so I see no need it becoming too attached to him again.