– Following the media reports during the week that Anderson and Sir Alex Ferguson had a big bust up ahead of the Community Shield because he wasn’t picked, I can reveal that there is an element in truth to it. On the Friday before the Chelsea game Anderson kicked off massively with Federico Macheda on the training ground. The manager was not at all impressed and told Anderson he wouldn’t be playing at the weekend – something the player wasn’t happy about but did back down, contrary to reports in the press.

– Michael Owen is loving life at Manchester United and is ever so polite to all the staff – the admin ladies, the people who work at the canteen and those at the MU Foundation. He is friendly and professional with all those he comes in to contact with and still can’t quite believe we snapped him up.

– The players were not happy at having to attend the launch of the “incredible” Hublot clock in the carpark outside Old Trafford. Having to get in the gear and pose in front of some tacky clock was not high up on their list of things to do on Friday tea-time ahead of a big game. For those of you at the game yesterday, you will have noticed that one of the lights lining the stand had blown, adding to the shoddy look.

– Dimitar Berbatov is always very straight faced and doesn’t have many mates. When told to ‘cheer up’ and ‘look like he wanted to be here’ he responded by claiming that in his heart he was very happy and loved being here. He was told he was a very good actor then which did get him smiling!

– Whilst reports keep insisting Nemanja Vidic’s wife is unhappy in Manchester, it’s news to anyone at the club who has dealings with her. She’s always at the charity events with a smile on her face (something some of the other wives and girlfriends have a problem with – Gabby Heinze’s wife was a right bitch apparently!) and doesn’t appear to be at all unhappy.

– Nani isn’t sad about Ronaldo’s departure and like he said in the press, sees it as his chance to shine.

– New signing Obertan speaks perfect English, whilst Valencia really struggles to communicate and his only mate so far is Anderson.