“Viva Ronaldo, viva Ronaldo, running down the wing, hear United sing, viva Ronaldo,” our fans sung every week, with the chant becoming a bit of an anthem during the second half of the season. Ronaldo was on fire, scoring pretty much every match, and every week his song got louder and heartier. We were closing in on our goal and Ronaldo was helping us achieve it.

After the European Cup final, where Ronaldo scored our goal but missed the penalty, he confirmed amid the speculation, that he would be staying. And that is what is happening, but it’s taken two months of frustration for that to be confirmed.

Ronaldo can expect a rough ride from sections of our crowd, but what does he have to be narked about?

Last season was our second most successful in the club’s entire history and the celebration started when John Terry missed the penalty. The ever popular song for Ronaldo was adapted. “Viva John Terry, viva John Terry, could have won the cup but he fucked it up, viva John Terry.”

After a summer lacking clarity, Ronaldo made his glorious return for the Community Shield, watching with the other players unavailable. Had the fuss not ensued during the summer, our fans would have been singing for him. As it was, when the chant went up, it was Terry’s name the fans were singing, not Ronaldo’s. The same occurred on the opening day of the season against Newcastle.

Well, Ronaldo has seen his arse over this, and is not very happy at all. Upon returning to Carrington for training, he had words asking why we weren’t singing for him anymore. Whilst not buying in to fuss over the pictures of him at the training ground looking mardy, I have been reliably informed that he was genuinely put out that we haven’t been singing his name yet.

Not the sharpest tool is he?