Louis Saha is likely to be shown the exit door at Old Trafford this season, with his injuries making him too much of a liability to hold a place in our squad any longer.

United have yet to replace Ruud van Nistelrooy with an out and out striker, not that we haven’t been consoled with the two league titles and European Cup we’ve won since his departure.

Regardless, it is time United got serious about finding a regular goalscorer, particularly if Ronaldo is on his way out.

Is Samuel Eto’o the man for the job?

“I have spent four years with Barcelona. The first two years we won everything with the club and then there were two difficult seasons when I was injured,” said Eto’o yesterday. “Now I am looking for possibilities – at some point I will take a decision either to look for another club or stay in Barcelona. In two years’ time we shall be in the World Cup and I will be at the top level with one club or Barcelona. I don’t have much to prove with Barcelona. I know I am still marketable and this summer we will meet with the club officials to ensure that I am not pushed.”

The new Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, has recently claimed that Eto’o is one of the players not in his long term plans at the club, which certainly indicates Eto’o could be on his way out.

No one could blame Eto’o from wanting to get away from Barcelona though because of the conditions a black man playing in Spain has to deal with. He has been the subject of racist taunts many a time, and even tried to walk off the pitch against Real Zaragoza, where the fans made monkey noises and threw peanuts on to the pitch whenever he had the ball.

“It is something that has affected me personally,” Eto’o said of the racism in La Liga. “At this moment in time I prefer my children don’t go to football matches. In the stands they have to listen to things that are difficult to explain to a child. It is better they aren’t exposed to it.”

Last season, Eto’o managed an impressive 20 goals in 24 games, and his record for Barcelona currently stands at 91 goals in 135 games.

Would you be interested in seeing him sign for us?