Arsenal youngster, Jack Wilshere, has claimed that teams are scared of going to the Emirates because of the football Arsenal play. After boring, boring City put 11 men behind the ball all night this week, Wilshere reckons they need to learn to break teams down.

“We just have to learn to break teams down,” said Jack. “City’s approach was a credit to us and the way we play. Teams come here and they are scared and want to defend. There are going to be a lot of teams who come here and defend and we have to learn to break them down.”

The problem is, 7 teams in the league have a better home record than Arsenal, with United, Chelsea, Spurs, Sunderland, City, Bolt and even Liverpool doing better. Arsenal have lost 3 of their 10 games and have conceded 11 goals, suggesting their opponents don’t have as much problem breaking them down.

This week, Arsenal lost a further two points on United, after our win and their draw, although Jack reckons they are a point closer to catching us.

“We have got a point towards catching them and they have still got to come here, so it’s still really open. When they come here, we can beat them.”

In our past six meetings, we have beaten them five times, with the only draw coming in the penultimate game of the 08-09 season when we just needed the point to win the league.

Of course Arsenal can beat us at the Emirates this season, but then, of course we can beat them too. If our last two games there are anything to go by, with us beating them 3-1 on both occasions, it is Arsenal who should be scared.

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