Earlier in the week I looked at how desperate Chelsea players were starting to look as the final day of the season gets closer. United just need to match or better Chelsea’s result against Bolton on Sunday to claim the league, so are certainly favourites to win the title. However, Chelsea players are keen to insist that the pressure is on United, not themselves. For players who claim to be relaxed and confident, they’re not half doing a lot of talking. The reality is, Chelsea know their chances of winning the league this year are incredibly slim. Of course this can’t be acknowledged by them, so instead, they are opting to attempt to transfer the pressure to our lads. Sadly for the rent boys, it doesn’t appear to be working. Whilst Joe Cole, John Terry, Michael Ballack, and today, Ricardo Carvalho, seem desperate to shift the attention from themselves to United by talking out in the media, our players are keeping quiet on our rivals.

Owen Hargreaves, Rio Ferdinand and Wes Brown have all spoken to the press this week, yet there’s not a single mention of Chelsea in their interviews. Our players are focussed on the job in hand, getting a result against Wigan, whilst Chelsea seemingly can’t stop thinking about us.

Carvalho has today announced that he hopes Wigan will beat United and reveals the entire squad honestly do believe they will win the league.  

“They will have more pressure on them this Sunday than us because nearly everyone believes the title is already United’s,” he said. “Cristiano is their big star but he is human too and he could fail under all the expectation. Miracles do happen. I am just hoping Wigan take all three points and that leaves us to beat Bolton. I am convinced we will beat Bolton, so the key to the title will be at Wigan. It has been a sensational race and for us to go into the final day level on points is incredible. Many people wrote us off after two months and now we have the chance to win an amazing double. The whole squad believes we can do it.”

When I hear Chelsea players claim they were written off after two months, I can’t help but remember John Terry’s comments earlier on in the season. “I would have expected United to have started a bit better. Five points is a hell of a gap to have this early on,” he said. “It’s going to be difficult for United.” Within a few weeks, our roles were reversed, and it was Chelsea who were five points behind.

Chelsea have done well to keep up with United, but it is more a case of United throwing points away than it is Chelsea storming to victory. Points dropped recently at Boro and Blackburn were unforgiveable, meaning the title that should already have been won is now going to be handed out on the final day of the season.

I have confidence in our team though and despite our slip ups more recently, can’t see us getting things wrong on Sunday. The problem for Chelsea is that they obviously agree, taking a leaf out of the not-so-Special-One’s book, which has lead them to talking inanely to the press in a desperate bid to deflect attention and pressure. It’s not worked so far and I am confident the title is ours, regardless of what Chelsea players do or say.

Will Chelsea’s tactics work?