Manchester City were giving away tickets for tonight’s game against Salzburg for £5 and £1 for Under-16. These are prices any red would be envious of, given how much the Glazers rinse us for tickets to any competition, be that the League Cup or in Europe.

So, considering City fans always claim that Manchester is blue, you would think these tickets would have been snapped up, right?


Just 37,552 showed up for the game, meaning there were 10,274 empty seats!

Now, the weather has been bad, but travelling shouldn’t be an issue, given that soooo many City fans are in Manchester.

At the Emirates last night, with conditions also poor, there were just 830 empty seats. For the West Ham vs United game, where the referee struggled to get in and fourth official didn’t make it because of the weather, there were 1,752 empty seats.

It’s goes without saying, at both these grounds, tickets were being sold for more than a fiver! A family of four could have gone to City’s game tonight for a total of £12!

Still, we all knew the truth anyway, thanks to the statistics which say every single season since 1947 United have had higher attendances than City, regardless of success. Were fans travelling from down south to watch United play in the 40’s? Did those fans from Manchester in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s abandon United and start passing City as the club to support down the generations?

As if you needed more proof, but here it is, Manchester is red.

Manchester is red

Proof! Manchester is red