In a webchat with Ashley Young and Danny Welbeck on the official site, they both confirmed that Patrice Evra was past his best when it came to choosing the music to listen to in the dressing room ahead of kick-off.

DW: I think I can speak for both of us here. We’ve had discussions recently and as for Patrice’s skills… he has some good tunes but recently he’s mellowed a bit. The tempo in the dressing room has slowed down. I’m not saying he’s showing his age but I think the tunes are…

AY: Let me tell you. The tunes have slowed down and they’re not the beat we need before we go out on the pitch. But he is a good DJ and he has lots of tunes.

DW: I think his playlist is too big and when he hits shuffle it lands on a few slower songs. I have to say, I like his music but it could be time for a change if Ash is putting himself forward.

AY: I’ve done it a few times and I’ve never had a complaint. Even Albert, our kitman, was tapping his foot when I played a few tunes once.