Wilf Zaha, who will be joining up with Manchester United for the first time in the pre-season, admits he cannot wait to meet his new team mates.

“I am just anxious and excited. I cannot wait. It will be something different,” he said. “When I walk into that dressing room at United, I do not know what I will feel. I will keep my head down as I am there to play football. But I have to admit I will be a bit starstruck. Van Persie and Giggs will be in there — wow. Rooney will be in there — amazing. How can I not be looking forward to this? I have to be patient. I do not expect to walk in and play week-in week-out. Once I get the chance I will take it.”

It seems as though Zaha has got his feet on the ground and still can’t quite believe his career has gone in the direction it has.

“It is difficult to get your head around how quickly this has all happened,” he continued. “Sometimes, I sit here in this very room with my brother Kel and we talk to each other in amazement. How has this happened all so quickly? All I can do is keep my head down. I have to try to cope with this success, while doing my best for Palace until the end of the season. Back in August the goal was to have a good season. I never thought I’d end the season a Manchester United player.”