Manchester United’s new signing from Crystal Palace, Wilf Zaha, has been one of the highlights of the pre-season so far. He has played some great football and has shown himself to be an exciting player. However, having spent his career in the Championship, Zaha has admitted to being a bit star struck when around his new team mates.

“In the changing room I’m sitting between Ryan Giggs and Danny Welbeck, famous people who I watch all the time on TV,” he said. “I sit there and think, ‘Oh my God, I’m actually in the changing room with these guys’. I’m still a bit starstruck, if I’m honest. It’s a dream to be able to play with them but I’m obviously here for a reason. I worked hard at Palace to get the move I wanted and I just want to prove to people that I deserve to be here. For my first season the plan is to secure a first-team place. I just want to be able to play regularly. If I manage to accomplish that then I can move on to other things.”