Zlatan Ibrahimovic has spoken to Sky Sports about why he came to Manchester United and what risks he thinks there may be in joining the Premier League at this stage in his career.

Why here, why now?

It was the moment to come to England, and who would not come to Manchester United? I don’t believe there is anybody who could say no to a club like Manchester United.

Probably the players that play for other clubs in England would like to come here, 100 per cent. I am very happy I am here and representing Manchester United. Even the name sounds cool. I’m super excited.

Had coming to England been on your mind?

Actually, I hadn’t really thought about it before this moment. When I was at Barcelona I had some interest from England but not really 100 per cent. Now it was 200 per cent, not just 100 per cent. Even last year, but I stayed at PSG.

What did you make of the Premier League from afar?

I found it very exciting. There is no team that is too dominant like in other competitions, it is more equal and at the end the one that has been best over the whole season will be the champion. The Premier League gets a lot of attention worldwide and there are many great teams. I found it very attractive.

PSG dominated in France, you got lots of goals, awards, trophies, do you think you needed a new challenge?

I will never turn down a challenge, so when this challenge was presented to me I would never turn it down. I am not like many others who have it good and know they can perform at the top and would never change.

I am the opposite, I will take the challenge, work hard, I will sacrifice. We will see what the outcome is, but turning down a challenge does not exist in my world. I have been in every country, now England, and that is why I find the adventure cool. I came, I won, I went, hopefully I can do the same here.

Do you think there is any risk for you coming here? If so, does that make it more attractive?

The only risk is if I don’t win. For me individually I don’t see a risk. I have nothing to prove or demonstrate. I have my career, I have done what I have done, performed as I have, and I bring that to England. It’s about coming and winning and making Manchester United shine again.

From your high standards, what do you have to achieve here to be satisfied?

If I win I will be satisfied, it’s all about winning, if I can get the club back to where it belongs at the top of the table I will be happy. I am here to win. The individual comes from the collective, if I can win with the team then the individual is good also.