Manchester United take on West Brom this afternoon and could potentially go 10 games unbeaten. Zlatan Ibrahimovic could also score his ninth goal in nine games. Ibrahimovic has 14 goals for the season which means neither Diego Costa nor Alexis Sanchez have outscored our striker so far this season.

The Sport Exchange trading app is offering all new members a free £30 to trade without needing to pay a deposit.


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– PEER 2 PEER TRADING: The bet is between people who thinks differently from one another.
– SET YOUR OWN RISK AND REWARD: Each player can decide its own risk and reward (odds).
– NON-STOP TRADING: You can buy or sell as long as the event is not over (before and during the game – a genuine in-play)
– TRADING OPPORTUNITIES: Take profit or cut loss on your own terms – This is a TRUE Cash Out
– MANAGE YOUR PORTFOLIO like a TRUE TRADER: Sport exchange portfolio enables you to easily manage and track your trades, so you can find opportunities to take profit or cut losses.

1. Look for an opportunity
Events during the game can affect the prediction of a certain team to win or lose the game, like the team’s momentum, red cards, goals, injuries, and so on. This will be reflected in the unit’s price (odds) which is also, if you’re aware of it, the opportunity to make your move.

2. Don’t wait too long, because you might miss your chance
If the event is heading according to your prediction, take your profit now because the result might just flip against you. If it goes against your prediction, it happens, leave the investment (sell your units) in order to minimise your losses, that way you won’t lose it all.

3. Buy low. Sell high
As a trader, it is very important to know when to enter into an investment but not less important when to exit from it. You can gain now – leave the position, enjoy the profit you made and the peace of not being in risk anymore.

4. It’s all about the percentages
It is not gambling, it doesn’t have to end by winning the maximum or losing it all. Even if your investment will result you 10%, 20% or 30% profit, it will be considered as an excellent investment, which, in the long run, will enable you increase your investment portfolio.

5. Time is money
Always track your investments. Keep yourself updated all the time, before and during the game. Always be the first to make cold analysis of the reality. The opportunities are there – you just need to understand where they are and seize them.